About Us

Started back in 2005 we offer all sorts of computer related services, virus removal, Data Recovery etc (Not MAC) please call for full list.

We are based at Ermington Mill, Ermington just outside Ivybridge .

Computer repairs, Problems with your computer?

Do you need to remove data from your old PC? Or just need some advice about your computing needs? We also offer home/office Computer Repairs ~ No computer is trouble free so we offer a full repair service.

We will check your PC and let you know the problem before starting any work and if you need any new parts we will purchase and install them. If necessary we will re-install your operating system as well.

Computer cleaning ~ computers are dust traps inside and out and the dust and dirt inside a computer can cause problems we can thoroughly clean your PC leaving it looking new. Troubleshooting ~ we will take a look at it and help you sort out the problems and it’s not just the PC that can cause the problems, peripherals i.e… Scanners, printers, cameras etc.

Virus Removal ~ if you are unlucky enough to get a virus we will track it down and remove it, we will then advise you on how to stop it happening again and the best Antivirus software to install.

Data Recovery ~ we can recover your data using specialist software then back up recovered data to another drive. if the drive is still spinning .

Data erasing ~For PC reassignments, upgrading, refurbishing, recycling and donating. Deleting files or reformatting hard drives is not good enough. We use Zero Data™ which Conforms to both the German and US Department of Defence standards.

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Give us a call on: 01548 831380